Coffee Pot Fish Tank

My son had a science project to do and needed 4 goldfish in 4 seperate containers.  I expected that his goldfish would head to their demise sooner rather than later since the odds were stacked against them.  After all, we have 3 cats and 10 kids and I wasn’t paying anything extra to maintain their water but my son was deligent.  He changed their water every other day, carefully watched their food intake and 2 months after the science project was completed, he still had goldfish.

I decided it was time to put them together in one tank but I didn’t have anything handy and I didn’t want to put out any money, so I searched around the house and came up with another reuse idea!

Our coffee maker had gone south but we had kept the carafe.  It didn’t fit our new coffee maker but I couldn’t justify tossing it and hadn’t donated it yet so…

I placed some glass rocks in the bottom, filled it up with water (we have well water), dumped in the fish and TA DA!  We had a pretty cool fish tank!

It’s been about 4 months now and the fish are all alive and happy!


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