Just Another Sock Bun

Do you have a few lonely socks laying around?  We always do!  Even though there are many Sock Bun tutorials on Pinterest, the girls and I thought we’d do our own.

Step 1:  Dampen your hair and put it up in a high ponytail.

 Step 2:  Find your lonely sock (tube socks are best but not necessary), cut the toe off and roll it up into a donut.

Step 3:  Place the rolled up sock over the ponytail in your hair.

Step 4:  Slide the sock roll 2/3 of the way down your ponytail.

Step 5:  Fan out the hair below the sock roll and begin tucking it over and into the sock roll.  Working it gently with your fingers, begin rolling it towards your head.

Step 6:  Leave it in your hair overnight.  The beauty of this bun is that it’s so high up on your head, it shouldn’t bother you while you sleep.

Step 7:  In the morning take out the sock roll and the ponytail holder and admire your beautiful, loose, curls!

Now you’ve re-used a sock!

You can also create Princess Leia buns!!!


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